final farewell

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Last week Ben and I went to our last “Hail and Farewell” of our Navy career. Do you like how I said “our?” Whenever someone new checks in or leaves the command a “Hail and Farewell” is held. Last night was special because it was Ben’s final farewell and it was held at a castle!! The Bellcourt Castle is one the many historic mansions in Newport on Bellevue Avenue.

It was neat to get to go to the Mansion when no one else was there and walk around. Not many people could say they were “farewelled” in a castle! I wish I had thought about what I wore that night a little more because it was freezing inside the mansion. I should have known it would have been cool and drafty. The part of the house we were in was originally the carriage house. They had a really neat old carriage in one of the rooms. So ornate and pretty! Think Cinderalla! Flash photography wasn’t  allowed so unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it. I probably should have snapped a few pics but I was so cold I could barely think about anything else.

I have to say that my  favorite thing about the evening was that Ben was wearing a completely thrifted outfit! He has picked up so much business attire at Savers this past year for practically nothing. That will come in handy hopefully pretty soon as he transitions to the corporate world. I might be a little biased of my handsome hubby but I have to say that besides the CO  he was one of the best dressed guys there. I wish I had a full photo of his outfit but there no way he would have posed for me. Ben has lost some weight in the past few months and has slimmed down quite a bit. I’m so proud of how hard he has been working to stay healthy and exercise. It’s definitely a good motivator for me!

Corduroy Blazer: *Cacharel, Dress shirt: Brooks Brothers.Trousers: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Banana Republic

It’s starting to set in that the end is near. Ben has just over a month left at his command and then he will be going on leave for about 80 days! We just got our pack out dates which I am grateful for. All the little things are going smoothly and as planned.  Looks like we’ll be leaving Rhody on December 15th. WHEW! This has been such a whirlwind of a year!

The other day I was running by myself and started thinking about how this was a stressful move. Then I remembered that last year’s move was actually a lot more stressful.  Trying to sale/rent our house near the time when we were moving was super stressful. Nothing went as planned with our move, we got pack-out dates at the last second and then had car trouble during our actual move. Here’s hoping that this is our last move EVER!! At least cross country moves anyways. I can deal with across town moves. 🙂

*I had never heard of the brand Cacharel so I googled it. Apparently it’s a designer fashion label. Hubby definitely didn’t know what he was buying when he got it. Such a steal for only $8!


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