consignment sale finds

Last Friday afternoon I went to the kids consignment sale that I had mentioned in this post. It’s a much smaller sale than I am used to going to. {A quarter of the size of kindermarket for all my Georgia friends}. Above was the list of things I was hoping to find. I knew it wasn’t super likely that I would find everything since the sale was small. {I went to the same sale last spring so I knew what to expect}. I was consigning at the sale so I got to go to the preview sale and bring a friend a with me.

The number one thing I was hoping to find was a pair of good rain boots for Noah. And as you can see I found some! They were literally the only pair left in his size. I paid $6 for them which isn’t too bad because they are in good condition. I love that they are classic L.L. Bean! 

I also picked up a pair of Sperry top-siders for Noah to wear next year. I usually don’t buy shoes too far in advance but these were in such great condition and only $6! Ben is a big fan of boat shoes in the summer so I knew he would be excited about this find.  If both the boys end up wearing these than I definitely got these for a steal.

On Sunday I went back to the sale for the 1/2 price day. My main goal this day was to get some long sleeve t’s {casual play clothes} for the boys. I ended up getting four shirts all of which were Gap except for one Target shirt. I paid $2 for one of them and a $1.50 or less for the rest of them. Pretty good for mostly GAP! Grammy is sporting one of them above. { Why do kids have to move around so much when you are trying to take their picture!!}

I really was hoping to find some Lego’s to give to Noah for Christmas but there weren’t any at the sale. There seemed to be more baby toys this year and we are definitely past that stage! As I mentioned above I sold some things in this sale. I only took 36 items to consign and ended up selling 30 of them. YAY!! I actually cleared out the very last of our baby gear {pack-n-play, baby gate, board books, etc} and am so glad to have them out of the house. Plus it was fun to make a little bit of money too! Momma needs some more winter running gear.

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