quinoa recipes

I have been wanting to try a quinoa for a while now but for some reason I was a little intimated. I’m not sure why! I first heard about quinoa {keen-wah} last spring when Erin did her week of quinoa posts. I was intrigued since the quinoa sounded so healthy. But did it really taste good?

When we were on our latest trip to Trader Joe’s they had an end cap of organic quinoa so I decided to get a box and finally try it all ready. image source: let’s dish

For my first quinoa recipe I made creamy quinoa primavera. Not only did Ben and I love it but so did the boys. WHAT! Our boys eat practically nothing. Word to the wise if you are only feeding 4-6 people you might want to cut the recipe in half. We’ve now got enough creamy quinoa primavera for weeks! Head on over to let’s dish for the  recipe!

Next up I’d like to try this Mexican Quinoa recipe I found over at the Peanut Butter Runner {a new favorite read}.  Do you have any favorite quinoa recipes?


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