apple picking

As I mentioned in my October ten on ten the littles and I went apple picking at a local orchard. Ben needed to re-vamp his resume so we scooted out of the house for an hour to give him some peace and quiet.I have never been apple picking before but have always wanted to! This was one of the last little things on our New England bucket list and I am glad we were able to squeeze it in. Unfortunately it was on the hot side the day we went. Never in my mind did I picture wearing shorts while picking apples. ha!  The boys and I may have each eaten an apple while we were walking around finding the fullest trees. Graham most definitely ate two!

The boys love pears so I went to the orchard when I knew their pears were ripe. I don’t really care for pears {I think they have no flavor}. BUT these pears were great and very delicious. Maybe I am just a pear snob?On our way out we had to walk by the owners house/garage. I loved the doors and lights on the garage! I took a quick pic when I thought no one was looking. LOVE the barn-like doors!

If you are in the area I would highly recommend Rocky Brook Orchard!

image source zoomyummy

Most of our apples we ate straight out of the bag but I did pick out five golden delicious apples so we could make this apple crisp. I had to leave out the nuts for Noah so I ended up doubling the topping part. Very yummy especially served with vanilla ice cream!

3 thoughts on “apple picking

  1. I’ve been trying so hard to leave the city for a day to go apple picking. Sadly, time just won’t allow. Love to see that people still head to the orchards every fall! 🙂

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