the summer of running

::First of all a big thanks to Rebekah of A Bit of Sunshine for picking one of my photographs as part of her October favorites for the ten on ten photo challenge. How fun!

Now back to regular broadcasting…..There is a reason I put the word “Run” in my blog name. I want to periodically document my training/running throughout the year. As a way to stay accountable and just to see what I have accomplished. This summer I went from kind of hating running to {almost} loving it. I will definitely look back on this summer and remember it as the summer of running.

This past summer was the first time I…….

started really running {without walking every few mintues}

started running outside

started keeping track of the miles I was racking up weekly

stopped caring if I looked stupid while running

started running with friends

ran a race

ran consistently {m,w,f,sat.}

spent more money on running clothes than I did on regular clothes

pushed myself way out of my comfort zone

{For my own record keeping}

My current running schedule is: m,w,f-3.5 miles and sat-4+ miles

Regular running partner: Laura {and my Garmin! Gee whiz I LOVE that thing a little too much!!}

Favorite running tunes: Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes

Longest run this month: 5 miles.

This past weekend I really wanted to increase my weekend run. The longest I have ever ran was 4.25 and I decided I wanted to try to beat that. I got to 4.5 and decided what the heck let’s go for five. I came home with the hugest smile on my face {when I left home I was in a bad mood.} I was so proud of what I had just done and I couldn’t wait to tell Ben! He was of course excited for me . It’s so great having a husband who enjoys running and encourages me in my running.

Running goals:: I am {probably} going to run the OKC half marathon next spring. In preparation of that possibility I am building up a base of running 3-4 miles 3-4 days a week and a long run on the weekend. Once January rolls around I’ll start a half marathon training program. Anyone in OKC want to join me?


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