thrifty readers

The last time I went to the thrift store {for-ever ago!} I found these BOB books in the children’s book section. There wasn’t a price on them and they were just scattered all about. I took them up to the cash register and the manager cut me a sweet deal on them. Twenty-two BOB books for 99 cents. WHAT! I practically threw a dollar at him and ran out the door before he realized what  a discount he had just given me.

I think children’s books are some of the best things to find at thrift stores. I have found lots of books in perfect or very gently used condition for practically nothing {compared to what they cost at the books store}. I almost always get a book for the kids each time we go. We practically have the complete set of Richard Scarry {our fave!} and Dr. Seuss books just from thrifting. If you are new into thrifting head over to the book section at your local thrift store and see what gems you can find!


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