For those of you that hadn’t heard we will be making the transition soon from military life to that of regular civilians. We made the decision last spring and then hubby put in his resignation letter in early May. In true Navy fashion we finally got the A-ok in late September in the form of separation orders.

We won’t be officially separating from the Navy until March 01 but due to all the leave he has stored up we will be moving home early just in time for Christmas. I’m thankful we will have insurance and a paycheck through February. Hubby has already applied for several jobs and has been making connections at some of the oil companies in OK City. It feels exciting and good to be moving forward. We’re mostly looking forward to being SO SO close to our family. It will be a new experience to see our family on a daily basis again if we want and to no longer have to pay for a babysitter should we want to go on a date.

Of course with this transition comes lots of unknowns. Every once in a while I become gripped with fear at the thought of so many unknowns. { Will we have a job, will we have a renter for our GA house, will we find a house to rent once hubby has a job, will we be able to make new friends, will we find a church we love, etc….} Mainly it’s the job part I worry about. I am trying to turn my worries over to the Lord as soon as they pop into my head. I’m grateful most days I feel so encouraged and excited.

A huge blessing is that my in-laws are letting us stay with them for as long as we need to. When we were home in May we got to tell our families in person that we were moving home. So fun to be able to tell them in person! The in-laws didn’t even blink an eye when we asked if we could move in with them for a few months when we first move home. They are already cleaning out things to make room for us to stay at their house. They are so easy going about it and my MIL even calls to reassure me that they can’t wait for us to get there and they are excited for us to stay with them. We’ll see how fond of us they are if we end up living with them for nine months. ha! Let’s hope that isn’t the case.

My dad just lives about ย a mile down the road from my in-laws. You guys!! How awesome will it be to live this close to family. By the time we get back to OK we’ll have been gone for almost seven years. Some how it feels like we’ve been gone for longer.

I would really appreciate prayers for our little family over the next sixth+ months. Especially that I stay sane!! And also that God would bless my husband not only with a job but one he loves. I’m praying he will go before us and provide a job,friends, a church, a rental house, etc all in his timing. WHEW, did I mention to pray for my sanity?


9 thoughts on “change

  1. Well, you know I’ve been in your shoes! (Almost…thankfully we did have a job waiting here for Chris.) House on the market, no house in CT, no church, etc., etc. GOD PROVIDED IT ALL. And He will for you guys as well. I am so, so, so happy for your family!

  2. How exciting that you guys are moving home. Praying for y’all! I know exactly how you feel. We’re just coming out of many of these same transitions. It’s been a road full of unknowns for us too…but they’re becoming a road of knowns. Things will fall in place at just the right time!

  3. Being close to family is the best ever! Hope to be closer to ours in a few years ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for your call this AM!

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