chapter books

Over the summer I started reading chapter books with Noah. We started out with Stewart Little because we had it on hand {I got it at a yard sale this year}. We recently started reading Mouse and The Motorcycle. Did you read Beverly Cleary as a child? It’s so fun to be reading things with Noah that I read as a kid! Another series we have read some of is the The Magic Tree House. Our children’s librarian recommended this series to us and Noah thinks they are fun.

What were some of your favorite chapter books as a child? {I loved Babysitter’s club!} What are you reading with your kids?



3 thoughts on “chapter books

  1. Just finished Narnia series and started “Where the Red Fern Grows” a few days ago. Of course, I
    am reading to an eight year old. Yes, Magic Tree House series interesting to kids albeit not the most quality literature! Loved Babysitter’s Club too and Nancy Drew series.

  2. We’ve been reading Little House in the Big Woods. Brings back great memories for me as a girl. Once the boys are a older, you’ve gotta read the classics like Robinson Crusoe. I bet they’ll enjoy it.

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