This past weekend we took the world’s shortest trip up to Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor is about six hours from our doorstep and we went there and back in 36 hours. I’m glad we went but WHEW it was a lot of driving {in the rain} in a short amount of time. We didn’t have one ounce of sun on our trip. I would have loved to have seen Maine minus the fog and rain but we are running out of time here in New England and we just decided to go anyways.

Our first stop was Cape Elizabeth, Maine were went to the Portland Head Light.  This light house was commissioned by George Washington in 1970. After we walked around the lighthouse we had a quick picnic lunch on the grounds. Graham befriended a squirrel that came really close to us in an effort to get some food from us. I thought the squirrels on OU’s campus were pretty friendly but this guy couldn’t have gotten any more cozy with us unless he was sitting on the picnic table with us!

After lunch we loaded back up and did a quick drive through downtown Portland. It looks like a neat area. Had it not been raining we might have gotten out and shopped a bit. Since kids+shopping+rain don’t really go together we quickly moved on.

The next stop was Freeport, Maine home to L.L. Bean. Surrounding the L.L. Bean headquarters is a small village of outlet stores. We did a quick run through of the L.L. Bean home store and then the outlet. {Are you noticing a trend with our trip? Everything was done quickly!!} After that we ran over to the North Face outlet where they randomly happened to be having a semi-annual sample sale. EVERYTHING was super cheap {for North Face} and EVERYTHING was in a size medium. Hubby and I each picked up some great winter running gear for practically nothing. I hope to post our finds soon!

After the outlets we drove two and half more hours to our final destination of Bar Harbor, ME. We checked into our hotel and then headed downtown for dinner. We  asked the hotel clerk for a restaurant recommendation and he pointed us to a seafood place {what else would you expect?!?}. The highlight of the evening was that I accidently ordered a $17.95 soup for an appetizer. Lesson learned with that one. I thought I was ordering a bowl of soup {Lobster stew} but because it was a special for the night it was I guess considered an entree. I was a little shocked to see our bill.  Our waiter must have thought I was really hungry, ordering two entree’s and all! After dinner we walked around downtown a little. The downtown area looked fun but we mostly saw it at night when the stores were about to close.  We ran in to a few outfitters store but we were all pretty wiped out from driving all day in the rain.

Day two we woke up at the crack of dawn {thank you little people} and went in search of some breakfast. We landed at Jordan’s which was SO good. We had Maine blueberry pancakes with Maine 100% pure maple syrup. Are you noticing a theme? I am not a big syrup fan, especially maple syrup. This maple syrup WAS TO DIE FOR! SO GOOD. I kept exclaiming during breakfast,” this syrup is SO good!” If you ever find yourself in downtown Bar Harbor head over to Jordan’s for a yummy breakfast. And if anyone wants to get me a christmas present you can precede directly to Jordan’s website to order me some maple syrup!

The main point of our trip was to get to see Acadia National Park. After eating all the syrup I could we headed over to the park. Unfortunately it was cold and drizzly but that didn’t stop us. The leaves were just starting to turn. Give them another week or two and I am sure they will be gorgeous.

We mostly just drove through Acadia and got out just a few times. I wish we could have camped and hiked there. Oh, well I guess we’ll have to go back sometime!

My favorite stop was at Sand Beach. Unfortunately a tour bus of oldies out on a fall foliage tour showed up right when we did. I tried to take a few pictures when they weren’t getting in my way.

Two hours later the fog started to roll in and we decided to call it quits and head on home. Our drive home was pretty rainy but uneventful so that was good.  We finally saw some sunlight when we hit Boston. I have never in my life been so glad to see the sunset before and to get some chipoltle in my belly.

Now that we have crossed Acadia/Maine off our list we’ve pretty much completed our New England bucket list. There’s still a few little things we want to do if the weather and time will allow but for the most part we’ve done most of things we wanted to. All and all I’d say we’ve gotten so see some mighty beautiful things during our time here in Rhody. What a blessing to get to live here for a year!


3 thoughts on “Maine

  1. yay! looks like a good (though rapid) trip…we have pictures of us on those acadian rocks i think. and i still wear some of the stuff we got at the huge llbean 7.5 years ago. i like the new blog too!

  2. SO HAPPY you are back to blogging! I spent MANY summers on Mount Desert Island / Bar Harbor as a teenager/college student with my family. It is one of my favorite places to go on earth, no joke. It’s too bad that you had crappy weather b/c it really is a beautiful place – but your pictures are still incredible! You are so talented.

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