i’m a thrifty runner

If you know me very well you know that I LOVE a good deal. As I mentioned in my last post, we randomly stumbled upon a sample sale at the North Face outlet in Freeport, ME. I couldn’t believe our good luck and the timing of us being there. Hubby and I both need some winter running gear but we haven’t wanted to spend the money on anything just yet. Good thing we had waited because we found some really good stuff at North Face.

Hubby got the best deal of all. He had wanted the Better Than Naked Jacket and he actually found it at the sale. Good thing he’s a size medium. He normally wears a large but he’s lost some weight and really toned down this summer from all his running. His jacket retails for $129 and he got it for just $48. Pretty sweet deal ya’ll.

He also got an ear band, some running gloves, and some arm warmers. I picked up a running jacket as well plus arm bands and a long sleeve 1/4 zip. Everything we got was at least half off the original price and some of it was even more discounted than that. Looks like I just committed myself to running outside this winter!


2 thoughts on “i’m a thrifty runner

  1. I knew you couldn’t stay away very long! SO glad you started blogging again so I have another way to keep up with what’s going on in your life…now I just need to update my humble little blog more than once/month! Nice finds at Northface, btw. And love Graham’s face in above pic 🙂

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